Company Information

Freyherr International Group plc

Incorporated in:              England & Wales
Company Number:        11160911
Legal Entity Identifier:  213800XMPEIC8VQYNF95

Registered Office:

No. 1 London Bridge

Group Profile

Freyherr International Group plc is the UK parent company of a group engaged in the production of medicinal cannabis products. The group is committed to research, development, cultivation, processing and production of APIs, final products and dosing packaging. Operations are centered in Slovenia and the Group principally operates within the EU.

Freyherr Pharma d.o.o. is the pharmaceutical arm of the Group and holds an EU GMP certificate. It operates from a certified production facility, manufactures CBD products for the Group and produces white label CBD products supplying them to various EU countries. Its Quality assurance department is specialized
in EU pharmaceutical quality system, considering cannabis specifics. An important strength of Freyherr Pharma is also a Research and development department with remarkable expertise in the cultivation, processing, formulation and legal and regulatory compliance of cannabis-based products. Freyherr Pharma is currently growing cannabis varieties from EU Plant database in Slovenia and has invested in cannabis production facilities in other jurisdictions.

Share Information

Number of Ordinary Shares in Issue:
25,763,868 ordinary shares of £0.01 each
ISIN:          GB00BJK3K011
SEDOL:     BJK3K01
Ticker:      FRYR

Directors’ shareholdings

Ordinary shares

Name No. of Ordinary Shares % holding
Boris Eržen1 2,383,017 9.24 %
22,96 %

1 Mr. Erzen’s shareholding is held by Gedala Limited, incorporated in Cyprus, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Avemontis d.o.o., incorporated in Slovenia. Mr Eržen is the ultimate beneficial owner of Gedala

Material Shareholdings (3% or above)

Ordinary shares

Name No. of Ordinary Shares % holding
Beautiful Things Foundation 6,553,300 25.42%
Marko Rogl 2,911,567 11.29%
Luka Freyer 2,320,515 9.00%
Tomaz Frelih 1,547,010 6.00%
Massimo Rojac2 956,490 3.71%

Shares in Public hands

2 Mr Rojac’s shareholding is held by Olium d.o.o., a company of which he is the sole shareholder.


The information in this section was last updated on 8th September 2020.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

There are a total of 257,639 warrants in existence of various prices and exercise dates.

Company Advisers

Corporate Advisor

Investor Relations

Lawyers in Slovenia

Level 17 Dashwood House
69 Old Broad Street
London EC2M 1QS

Helford Capital Partners
97 Jermyn Street

Odvetnik Marko Rogl
Trg republike 3
SI-1000 Ljubljana

UK Auditors

Auditors in Slovenia

Solicitors in London

60 Goswell Road

Grant Thornton Audit d.o.o.
Linhartova 11a
1000 Ljubljana

No. 1 London Bridge

Shareholder Enquiries

General shareholder enquiries should be directed to the shareholder service team at

Link Asset Services
34 Beckenham Road

Tel: 0871 664 0300


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