Freyherr is proud to be continuing the tradition of the Freyer family dynasty of pharmacists and alchemists, who from the middle of 18th century, were considered to be at the forefront of alternative medicine. The management of Freyherr are totally dedicated to the research and development of natural medicines derived from the cannabis plant and are focused on producing quality, licensed, accessible, safe, and effective alternatives to man-made synthetic medicines and consumer goods.

Our primary concentration at FREYHERR® is to research and develop innovative cannabis plant-based substances that will help to balance the human endocannabinoid system, and then to make our products and innovations available worldwide.

We truly believe that our research and product development – which targets the human endocannabinoid system – will be of great benefit to all people on this planet in helping to restore their internal balance.

All of us at Freyherr are passionate about producing the finest and purest quality Cannabis products like CBD extract while never compromising on quality. And we are especially proud to be championing science-based innovation and sustainability in the cannabis healthcare sector.

Henrik Freyer (1802-1866)

Freyherr family history

The company – Freyherr – was co-founded by a member of the Freyer family dynasty of pharmacists. The Freyer family were originally from the Czech Republic but moved to Idria, Slovenia in the early 18th century where they became recognized as pioneers in pharmaceutics and the pharmacy trade.

Pharmacist and botanist Ernest Freyer along with a well known Slovenian physician, J. A. Scopoliy, opened their first pharmacy in ldria in 1754. From then until the late 1800’s the family were responsible for many pharmacological discoveries with Henrik Freyer (1802 – 1866) even having several plant species (found in Europe) named after him: Cirsium x freyerianum, FreyeraBiarollelio cynapioides, Saurorhamphus freyeri, Delphlnopsis freyeri.

Freyherr family chronology

Ernest Freyer, 1730 – 1795

  • Opened 1st Pharmacy in Idria mercury mine, helped count Volta developing the first prototype of today’s battery.
  • At the age of just twenty-one Ernest – while studying pharmaceutical science – developed a system for acceleration of chemical reactions with blowing through the valve.
  • Around 1750 he wrote his manuscript about natural wonders, decomposition of metal compounds and collection of chemical experiments.
  • He took over the running of the pharmacy as sole owner in1754 continuing with his pioneering work and exploration in the field of chemistry and alchemy. His research included analyzing the chemical composition of local waters, drawing the system to extract mercury, imagining distillation devices, heating devices and processes.

After Ernest’s death in 1795, he was succeeded by his sons Karel and Henrik. The latter was a botanist, a versatile naturalist, a member of many European health associations and a correspondent member of the Royal Academy.

Karel Freyer 1762 – 1835

  • Ran his fathers pharmacy and worked with famous David Heinrich Hoppe who named Primula Freyeri after him.

Henrik Freyer 1802 – 1866

  • In 1832, having worked in Zagreb, Graz, and Ljubljana, Henrik was made the curator to the Provincial Museum in Ljubljana. He was curator from 1832-1854.
  • Several fossil animals were named after him – the plant genus Freyera, have been named. He is credited for collecting Slovenian names from the fields of biology, geology, and geography.
  • Pharmacist, innovator and botanist with a large number of discoveries in his career. Several species found in Europe are named after him: Cirsium x freyerianum,
 Freyera-Biarollelio cynapioides, Saurorhamphus freyeri, Delphlnopsis freyeri.

Freyherr family today

Taking the ethos of the Freyher family history into the twenty-first century:

  • The aforesaid co-founder made his first move into the cannabis market in 2014 with the invention and manufacture of an end user product which is available in over 700 pharmacies in Northern Macedonia and comes in the form of dispensers and vaporizers. The design is considered a market leader product (due to its specific dosing mechanics) and is used with some of the current product lines. These dispensers come in 2 varieties, either high-end stainless steel or in plastic form. Both use our patented precise filling and dosing method allowing pharmacies to accurately measure the correct extract required for end users.
  • The management of Freyherr are totally dedicated to the research and development of natural medicines derived from the cannabis plant and are focussed on producing quality licensed, accessible, safe, and effective alternatives to man-made synthetic medicines and consumer goods. The management is proud to be championing science-based innovation and sustainability in the cannabis healthcare sector.
  • The management team is talented, highly experienced, and have developed a focused strategy aimed at capitalizing on vertical and horizontal integration opportunities throughout Europe, with a business plan designed to take advantage of the current fragmented and unstructured global marketplace.
  • The board has
  • also been committed to re-investing free cash flows back into the business for development and expansion. Freyherr has put great concentration and emphasis on supporting and empowering their employees, and have in establishing a work programme that includes benefits such as; above-average wages, training schemes, and are looking to add a health scheme and free lunches.
  • The current team at Freyherr consists of 50 people with business, pharmacy, marketing, and sales backgrounds, of which there are 20 based in Macedonia, the rest are in Slovenia.



As of June 1, 2018, we joined the Bio-Pharm Competence Centre for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, a project financed through the Slovenian government and the European Commission. This project concentrates on the Establishment and Operation of ‘Competence
Centers’ focussed on increasing opportunities and access to Personnel Development (JR 253) programmes for company employees.

How it works

Known as ‘KOC 2018’ the intention of the project is to increase the quality of work and learning within companies. This initiative was launched by the European Commission and the Slovenian authorities using the standards and framework from the Operational Program for the implementation of the European Cohesion Policy for the period 2014-2020, Those companies involved in the project will organise various training schemes focused on raising the qualifications of employees in key areas of work within those enterprises.

What it means for Freyherr

Our operational goal within the KOC 18 project was achieved on October 31, 2018, with the establishment and functioning operations of a Freyherr competence center for human resources development, a competency model designed to assist employees in their future development, and a monitored and dynamic employee training programme.

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